Tips on arranging home office during the lockdown

Tips on arranging home office during the lockdown


Few can afford a separate office in a typical apartment, where there is not always enough space even for an ordinary table of a standard size. People have to work in the kitchen, bedroom or living room. But a home office does not have to turn into a full-fledged office – you just need a corner for your laptop where you will not be disturbed. The main thing is to think over the details and create a favorable atmosphere for work.

Zoning is the key

Equip your workplace to make the most of space for motivation and productivity. Inside the workspace, there should be three zones: 

– the actual work area (where you sit and work), 

– the reference area (where you store documents, books and other work materials),

– the resource area/storage system (stocks of paper and office supplies). 


If the table rests against a wall, it is convenient to hang shelves on it. You can zone the space with a rack, curtains, screen. Take the time to organize the process so that you are not interrupted.

Don’t skimp on comfortable chairs and tables

Working at the computer greatly affects the eyes and back. A stool or chair without armrests will surely not work. Ideally, the back of the chair should be solid, even (located at an angle of 90 degrees to the seat), smooth, and have small thickenings at the edges. The adjustable spinal cushion and neck support headrest are very useful additions. You will have to follow the correct fit yourself: your legs should fully reach the floor, and your knees should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees.

An obligatory element of the workplace is a spacious and comfortable table. And it is very easy to find a table of high quality at NYfurnitureoutlets. Install an item with an extended tabletop and never litter it. The height of the tabletop should ideally suit you in height, otherwise, you will have to bend over the table or, on the contrary, stretch upward tensely, which will affect both the condition of the back and the quality of work. 



It is recommended to use separate lighting for your work area and the rest of the room so that you don’t interfere with the rest of the household. Opt for recessed ceiling lights around the entire perimeter of the room. This way you will not only avoid unnecessary shadows but also be able to locally illuminate the required area.


The workplace should not be located in a walk-through area. Try to plan ahead for your work area so that you don’t sit with your back to the rest of the room or door. Most people are uncomfortable with the feeling that someone might suddenly appear from behind or that their work is being peeped over their shoulder. One of the main points in Feng Shui, as The Spruce tells us, is the location of the chair: there must be a wall behind your back. We are talking about a capital partition – glass (even dark) structures are not suitable. If rearranging furniture is a problem, hang a mirror in front of your door in your field of vision.

You should not organize your work area in front of a window if you know you are easily distracted. Therefore, it is better to sit with your side or back to it.

The important details

The presence of wide countertops under the window in the interior is a great thing. In addition to their obvious advantages, they can easily become quite a convenient home office. If the window sill is at least 2.5 feet from the floor, it can be turned into a work surface. For comfort, the width of the tabletop should be at least 1.6 feet, otherwise, it will not be very convenient to work even with a compact laptop. You need enough space to work effectively with any kind of materials, including charts, diagrams and articles on retail business.

To create a workplace in a niche, “floating” countertops, which are attached directly to the wall, are suitable. They not only save real space but also visually free the room, which is especially beneficial in small rooms. To prevent the tabletop from falling off, attach it only to a load-bearing wall.

Sometimes home offices combine workspace and bedroom. In this case, it is better not to have any couches, sofas, ottomans and pillows in front of the table. The interior of the office should evoke a working mood. You can equip a workplace by the window in the bedroom – this will give maximum natural light, and the bed will remain behind. 

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